• Cure: Patrick Ryan

    Cure: Patrick Ryan

    Ray’s Pool isn’t strictly subterranean: Patrick Ryan keeps his head above ground, skating every inch of this epic backyard for the CURE-ious.

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  • Cure: Dalton Dern

    Cure: Dalton Dern

    Our latest CURE takes place way out in the middle of nowhere, in the tempest-in-a-dust-storm town of Adelanto—down and dirty, and deserted. Dalton Dern Destroyed ‘Delanto.

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  • Cure: Nolan Johnson

    Cure: Nolan Johnson

    Nolan Johnson excels in this environment; his inspired and often-emulated style has been shaped by a variety of terrain that some of us might disregard. A warehouse like this may…

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  • Cure: Adam Hopkins

    Cure: Adam Hopkins

    Adam Hopkins gets some in “beautiful” Vancouver, British Columbia, where—like all true D.I.Y. skateparks—admission starts at getting broke off, and doesn’t let you go without getting some shit on your…

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  • Cure: Chris Russell

    Cure: Chris Russell

    Coping or no coping, Chris Russell cuts deep in Inglewood, CA, inverting with tiles sharp enough to slice a bagel. CURE is a collection of the rawest of clips on…

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  • Cure: Brad McClain

    Cure: Brad McClain

    CURE is a collection of the rawest of clips on concrete. When you need to see sick skating, Brad McClain has the CURE for what ails you. Trespassing is subjective.…

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  • Cure: Shaun Ross

    Cure: Shaun Ross

    Shaun Ross has the CURE for what ails you. CURE is a collection of the rawest of clips on concrete.

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  • Cure: Jake Reuter

    Cure: Jake Reuter

    When you find the perfect pool sometimes you just need to knock on the door and offer to clean it, and before you know it you’re skating! At Sabrina’s, it…

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  • Cure: Greyson Fletcher

    Cure: Greyson Fletcher

    Element’s newest pro puts it down after dark in Central California.

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  • Cure Ben Raybourn

    Cure: Ben Raybourn

    Kelly Belmar’s bowl was built in a time when transition skating was done mainly on wooden ramps and the existence of concrete terrain was at an all-time low. During the…

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