Gear Check

  • Gear Check: Frankie Spears

    Gear Check: Frankie Spears

    Alien Workshop has had an eventful few years and now they have landed themselves back in Ohio where they can get back to their roots. One thing the company has…

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  • Gear Check: Blake Johnson

    Gear Check: Blake Johnson

    Calling Santa Cruz’s Blake Johnson a powerhouse would be an understatement. Blake is one of the most powerful skaters out right now, but he manages to stay light enough on…

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  • Gear Check: Daniel Espinoza

    Gear Check: Daniel Espinoza

    This edition of Gear Check brings us the set up of young pro, Daniel Espinoza. We’re glad Daniel could pull it together and get some moves for us after what…

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  • Gear Check: Cairo Foster

    Gear Check: Cairo Foster

    CCS alumni, Cairo Foster, stopped by our office to say hello one day so naturally, we kidnapped him along with a fresh deck and wheels from the warehouse and made…

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  • Gear Check: Tom Karangelov

    Gear Check: Tom Karangelov

    Whether you can pronounce his name correctly or not Tom Karangelov has got to be on your radar. Tom is quite and smooth, but doesn’t hesitate to jump on something…

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  • Gear Check: David Gravette

    Gear Check: David Gravette

    Gear Check is a brief look into what today’s pro and am skateboarders are riding under their feet. Wheels, Trucks, Deck THE FULL SET UP! In this episode of Gear…

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  • Gear Check: Ben Raybourn

    Gear Check: Ben Raybourn

    Another one clip from “Gear Check” but this time with Ben Raybourn. Enjoy!

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  • Gear Check: Carlos Ribeiro

    Gear Check: Carlos Ribeiro

    Ever since he busted on to the American skate scene a few years ago Carlos Ribeiro has been constantly amazing everyone who sees him step on a board. Somehow his…

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  • Gear Check: Neen Williams

    Gear Check: Neen Williams

    A few very prominent things come to mind when you think of Neen Williams. Dread locks, Heel Flips, and Tie dye do not, however, define this man. We linked up…

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  • Gear Check: Ryan Reyes

    Gear Check: Ryan Reyes

    Gear Check is a brief look into what today’s pro and am skateboarders are riding and wearing. Wheels, Trucks, Shoes, Pants, Underwear, THE FULL SET UP! In this episode of…

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