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  • Hot Staff: Tristian Schern

    Hot Staff: Tristian Schern

    When it comes to the Woodward West camp staff, they sure put together some amazing videos with some sweet skating. Woodward West Skateboard Staff Tristen Schern killed it during his…

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  • Hot Staff: Patrick Praman

    Hot Staff: Patrick Praman

    Patrick is known for killing every single handrail at camp, and each year he tops himself with what clips he gets down the 5 Block at Woodward Camp in Pennsylvania.…

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  • Hot Staff Jerome Watts

    Hot Staff: Jerome Watts

    Jerome Watts aka @yourgrandma on instagram is one of the happiest and most fun people at Woodward West. We love having him on staff, and watching him skate is a…

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  • Hot Staff: Chase Smith

    Hot Staff: Chase Smith

    Skateboard instructor Chase Smith threw down the entire time he was at camp! Check out some of the hammers he dropped for this Hot Staff edit!

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  • Hot Staff: Will Gomez

    Hot Staff: Will Gomez

    Will Gomez has the smoothest style, and always manages to put together some insane lines. Check it out!

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  • Hot Staff: Andrew Singh

    Hot Staff: Andrew Singh

    Andrew Singh is one of our stand out skateboard staff members. Do yourself a favor and click that play button and see exactly why Andrew was given a “Hot Staff”…

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  • Hot Staff John Pankus

    Hot Staff: John Pankus

    Earlier this year we posted a picture of John Pankus gapping from Outdoor Street over the railing and into the side of Egypt. Many called us out for faking the…

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  • Hot Staff: Ashton Dohany

    Hot Staff: Ashton Dohany

    Ashton Dohany was one of our amazing staff members from the 2013 summer. While a majority of his day was spent hanging out with the kids and sharing his knowledge…

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  • Hot Staff: Brandon Buchko

    Hot Staff: Brandon Buchko

    In our latest episode of Hot Staff we drop by Woodward PA and check in with Brandon Buchko. This is normally where we would drop in and talk about Brandon’s…

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  • Hot Staff: Zane Timpson

    Hot Staff: Zane Timpson

    Zane Timpson is an absolute monster when it comes to skating. This section is filled with highlights throughout the entire summer he spent here in 2012. You wont want to…

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