How To

Professional skateboarders express their opinions on: How do proper tricks? And, what makes a tricks “proper” in the first place? Some of the finest teachers are here to pass on their knowledge.

  • How To: Backside Bigspin

    How To: Backside Bigspin

    Here it is Mr. TJ Rogers who shows you the secret to his majestic BS Bigspin.

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  • How To: Heelflip

    How To: Heelflip

    Neen Williams shows you how to pull off his signature hyperextended move (previous karate training not required).

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  • How To: Griptape A Board

    How To: Griptape A Board

    It takes true grit to grip a board correctly, and Grizzly’s Kelly Hart grips it good.

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  • How To: 360 Flip

    How To: 360 Flip

    The 360 flip has a lot of moving parts and everyone has their own trick for doing it. This makes the 360 (or “trè”) flip pretty unique; no two are…

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  • How To: Kickflip

    How To: Kickflip

    We get this a lot at The Berrics, and it’s a trick question, so to speak: How do you do proper kickflips? And, what makes a kickflip “proper” in the…

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