My War!

  • My War!: Clive Dixon

    My War!: Clive Dixon

    This is the kind of video that makes palms sweaty and the body tingle with anxiety. Clive harkens to the days of Jeremy Wray atop a water tower. It doesn’t…

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  • My War!: Zion Wright

    My War!: Zion Wright

    Zion took a ludicrously gnarly trick to one of skateboarding’s most iconic proving grounds. This guy is on another level.

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  • My War!: Chris Joslin

    My War!: Chris Joslin

    Bad weather, crowds, security, injuries. This battle is brutal! Chris stomps an epic blizzard-flip over and over and yet a roll-away requires an all-out war.

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  • My War!: Pedro Delfino

    My War!: Pedro Delfino

    We have over 37 years of covers on record, but this shot is one of the best of all-time. Pedro carved down a steep grade, leaped onto somebody’s house, and…

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  • My War! - Miles Silvas

    My War!: Miles Silvas

    Miles’ marathon line is about more than just skill, it’s a battle of mental endurance. Here’s a glimpse behind-the-scenes of a truly amazing feat.

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  • My War! - Chase Webb

    My War!: Chase Webb

    There are mega-kinkers and then there’s THIS, a super mutant-rail that really has no business being skated. However, Chase is a psycho and launched himself into the history books with…

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  • My War! - Gabriel Summers

    My War!: Gabriel Summers

    Gabbers engaged in an epic battle with this rail, and you’ll have to watch this edit to appreciate the gruesome nature of the confrontation. Skateboarding can truly push you to…

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  • My War! - Jamie Foy

    My War!: Jamie Foy

    El Toro has been a monolithic benchmark since Heath’s lipslide in The End, and while skateboarding continues to progress at a mind-blowing pace, it’s still near impossible to wrap our…

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  • My War! - Ryan Decenzo

    My War!: Ryan Decenzo

    This double set has been sitting here in San Francisco for years, and besides a Diego Bucchieri Ollie back in 1999, nobody has rolled away from anything. Enter Ryan Decenzo…

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  • My War! - Justin “Figgy” Figueroa

    My War!: Justin “Figgy” Figueroa

    Nobody puts up a fight like Figgy. He takes the big hits, refuses to give in and won’t stop ’til four wheels hit the ‘crete and he’s riding away. Nothing…

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