• Photo of Percentages: Robert Neal

    Percentages: Robert Neal

    Robert Neal makes skateboarding look like ballet. He floats upwards and patiently waits for his board to catch up with him, then lands delicately like a leaf fluttering down onto Swan Lake… like a G.

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  • Photo of Percentages: Dashawn Jordan

    Percentages: Dashawn Jordan

    Sure, Dashawn can win Street League (congrats dude!) but can he do 50 bigspin front boards in a row? …Probably.

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  • Photo of Percentages: Jamie Foy

    Percentages: Jamie Foy

    They don’t call him Pinch Master General for nothing: Jamie Foy, AKA The Pinchiest Homie, gives the number crunchers something to snack on with a valiant attempt to do fifty front crooks in a row. Not fifty 50-50s or fifty…

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  • Photo of Percentages: John Dilorenzo

    Percentages: John Dilorenzo

    The ol’ Floridian summertime manualer is back and, as usual, he’s just having fun on two wheels. Wait: two wheels is 50% of four wheels; summer is 25% of the year; and… Florida is roughly 2% of America? Anyhoo, what…

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  • Photo of Percentages: Tommy Fynn

    Percentages: Tommy Fynn

    It’s time to challenge Tommy Fynn, one of the most consistent dudes ever, to 50 fakie back lips down the seven-rail. In order to achieve the perfect 100% completion, he will need total concentration. We think he’s go it!… That…

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