Skate Hoarders

  • Skate Hoarders Jason Rothmeyer

    Skate Hoarders: Jason Rothmeyer

    Good friend of the TransWorld team and former 90s pro Jason Rothmeyer let's them dig around his garage and house to see what he's been hoarding all these years from…

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  • Skate Hoarders: Mike Sinclair

    Skate Hoarders: Mike Sinclair

    Ex-Zorlac pro and current Nike SB & Tum Yeto Team Manager, Mike Sinclair has been in the game for a long time now and is a good friend of TWS…

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  • Skate Hoarders Wes Kremer

    Skate Hoarders: Wes Kremer

    Wes Kremer has one of the most epic skate-rat rooms we've seen lately, so we got him to dig through all his goodies and give you a sneak peak into…

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  • Skate Hoarders Tony Hawk

    Skate Hoarders: Tony Hawk

    From a framed invitation to the White House to Mock cologne bottles, his fake check from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (which ended up funding the Tony Hawk Foundation),…

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  • Skate Hoarders: John Rattray

    Skate Hoarders: John Rattray

    We get a tour of John Rattray's Portland basement and have a look at everything from some classic Zero graphics to some nice wall-hangers, Scottish-inspiration and so much more. Thanks…

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  • SkateHoarders: Jaime Owens

    Skate Hoarders: Jaime Owens

    Transworld SKATEboarding's editor-in-chief, Jaime Owens' office is a mandatory stop to check out when coming to the TWS offices. And we're barely scratching the surface in this episode of SkateHoarders.…

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  • Skate Hoarders: Jonathan Mehring

    Skate Hoarders: Jonathan Mehring

    We stopped by master lensman Jonathan Mehring's 800 sq. ft New York City apartment to see dig through some of his gems that he's collected from traveling all over the…

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  • Skate Hoarders: NHS Factory

    Skate Hoarders: NHS Factory

    Jeff Kendall takes us on a trip through time in part of the NHS offices and factory. No shortage of nostalgia (or history) here—from old ads to graphics that never…

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  • Skate Hoarders: Steve Caballero

    Skate Hoarders: Steve Caballero

    For the second installment of SkateHoarders, we get a tour of OG Bones Brigader (and TWS’ first cover boy), Steve Caballero’s house to get a look at everything from his…

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  • Skate Hoarders: Josh Kalis

    Skate Hoarders: Josh Kalis

    Welcome to new and first episode of Skate Hoarders presented by TransWorld SKATEboarding. Before Josh moved back to Michigan, he opened his doors to TWS in his Carlsbad, California home.…

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