Talkin’ Mob

  • Photo of Talkin’ Mob: Vanessa Torres

    Talkin’ Mob: Vanessa Torres

    Vanessa Torres puts together a few lines & tells why she prefers the MOB Grip M-80!

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  • Photo of Talkin’ Mob: Ryan Townley

    Talkin’ Mob: Ryan Townley

    Ryan Townley is PRO! Take a few laps around Brea Park with Townley on a fresh setup using the NEW CLEAR Graphic MOB Grip! Fancy moves, Ryan. Congrats on the Pro bump from Welcome Skateboards…

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  • Photo of Talkin’ Mob: Jess Mudgett

    Talkin’ Mob: Jess Mudgett

    The latest Artist Series by Portland native, Jess Mudgett is a time capsule of traditional style. Jess being a fan of the ‘Great Outdoors’ takes a few shots at his new series with MOB Pro David Gravette, and Tony Ellis–Burnside…

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  • Photo of Talkin’ Mob: Dave Chami

    Talkin’ Mob: Dave Chami

    Dave Chami has shot some of skateboarding’s most celebrated images & we asked Dave if he wanted his images printed on #GraphicMOB! This “Skate 5-Pack” series from the masterlensman and Graphic Mob grip tape features some of Chami’s favorite photos…

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  • Photo of Talkin’ Mob: Emmanuel Guzman

    Talkin’ Mob: Emmanuel Guzman

    Emmanuel Guzman has been designing his own grip art since he first picked up a board, and it’s always inspiring to see in action. We gave Eman the opportunity to create some grip art for YOU, and these are the…

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  • Photo of Talkin’ Mob: Ryan Reyes

    Talkin’ Mob: Ryan Reyes

    Get weird with the latest and greatest #graphicMOB line!.. RyRey whips up another custom skateboard concoction with the *NEW* Krux & Creature x Graphic MOB then takes it to the park in the latest #TalkinMOB.

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  • Photo of Talkin’ Mob: Maurio McCoy

    Talkin’ Mob: Maurio McCoy

    Maurio McCoy gives the NEW Graphic MOB x Santa Cruz Skateboards collab a serious treatment at Sheldon Park. Take a stroll with Maurio on some seriously flashy grip!

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  • Photo of Talkin’ Mob: Daniel Vargas

    Talkin’ Mob: Daniel Vargas

    Daniel’s been skating #TheGrippiest since day one! Dvargs gets the party goin’ at an empty park with the boys, featuring the White #GraphicMOB grip!

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  • Photo of Talkin’ Mob: Zack Wallin

    Talkin’ Mob: Zack Wallin

    A lot happening with Zack Wallin recently, like his RIPPING part he just put out on Thrasher. We were lucky enough to catch up with him at Red Park in San Jose and as you can see… the ripping has…

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  • Photo of Talkin’ Mob: Jack Fardell

    Talkin’ Mob: Jack Fardell

    Take a closer look at the latest scorchers from the Graphic MOB x Thrasher Magazine lineup with Jack Fardell, as he sets a local park ablaze.

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