• WeekENDER - Matt Berger

    WeekENDER: Matt Berger

    Matt Berger barges the park's only kinked rail in this ender from his 2017 Bangin.

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  • WeekENDER - Cody McEntire

    WeekENDER: Cody McEntire

    There’s nothing quite like that Cody Mac flick. The Toothpicked One got the ender in the 2016 DVS United Nations, easily splintering the 7-rail with a switch flip to front…

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  • WeekENDER - Alexander Risvad

    WeekENDER: Alexander Risvad

    Copenhagen’s Alexander Risvad delivered a tech-heavy Bangin back in 2016—and he somehow avoided all of the traditional ledges in the park. He opted instead for the board-busting 10-stair-out-ledge for his…

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  • WeekENDER - Tyson Bowerbank

    WeekENDER: Tyson Bowerbank

    To hit the hip over the seven-stair rail, you really need to haul ass, diagonally, and then pop with all your might. Now, try doing that in the dark. Tyson…

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  • WeekENDER - Jamie Thomas

    WeekENDER: Jamie Thomas

    Jamie Thomas starting filming his Battle Commander back when this park was brand new and relatively untouched. Many NBDs were ripe for the picking, and he even threw in a…

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  • WeekENDER - Richie Jackson

    WeekENDER: Richie Jackson

    The magic of Richie Jackson is that he can alter your mind with something as fundamental as a hippie jump. Rewatch the final trick from his 2012 Battle Commander and…

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  • WeekENDER - Matt Bennett

    WeekENDER: Matt Bennett

    For his third Bangin!, Matt Bennett filmed a handful of extremely difficult tricks. Rewatch his final trick—his eponymous grind on the park’s one and only kinked rail—then daydream about what…

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  • WeekENDER - Jordan Maxham

    WeekENDER: Jordan Maxham

    Leave it to Jordan Maxham to create a ridiculous, intimidating pole jam for his Recruit ender. Rewatch his final trick, then daydream about what you’re gonna learn this weekend!

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  • WeekENDER - Carlos Ribeiro

    WeekENDER: Carlos Ribeiro

    Carlos Ribeiro’s Battle Commander was as progressive as they come. Rewatch his final trick, then daydream about what you’re gonna learn this weekend!

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  • YearENDER - Miles Silvas

    YearENDER: Miles Silvas

    The Berrics Crew saved the best for last: Miles’s frontside feeble popout from his PUSH part and his celebratory circuit around the schoolyard.

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