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Damn Am 2019: Los Angeles, CA – Finals!

Bangin, Text Yo Self, First Try Fridays…now The Berrics will also be known as one of the raddest and most fun Damn Ams of all time, where the final runs looked like live action Battle Commanders.

Worth seeing:
Damn Am 2019: Los Angeles, CA – How Becker Dunn Won the Men’s Street Finals
Damn Am 2019: Los Angeles, CA – Women’s Damn Am

Paul Zitzer, Chris Blake, Matt Milligan, Tim Olson, Uncle Sam Bellipanni, DJ Wade, Frank Branca, Manny Santiago, Tyler Peterson, Lil Dre, Eli Ronan, Mike Piwowar, Jordan Powell, Jonathan Henderson, Roman Hager, Greyson Beal, Lucas Alves, Tobias Christofferson, Will Ocean Moye, Lazer Crawford, Muarice Jordan, Austin Heilman, Santana Saldana, Zach Doeling, Ricky Chavez, Kolby Hayes, Dominick Walker, Zach Wiegand, Vinicius Costa & Becker Dunn
Raw – At Hour (Instrumental)

Filmed by:
Frank Branca
Additional filming by:
No info
Edited by:
Frank Branca

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