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Damn Am 2019: Woodward West – Finals!

The Men’s and Women’s Finals at Damn Am Woodard West had a whole slew of new faces that the smart money says will be killing the am game for a long long time. We can only hope!

Paul Zitzer, Chris Blake, Wes Box, Keenan Lewis, Austin Holcomb, Dirt Weasel, Jalen Willis, Tony Christopher, Jason Galindo, Ty Tarzetti, Marse Farmer, Matthew Horne, Miles Lawrence, Brian Schaefer, Hannah Tallman, Christine Cottam, Monica Torres, Haley Isaak, Mia Lovell, Hina Maeda, Camp Schill, Angel Ortega, Liam Tiemeyer, Anthony Estrada, Jimmy Bueno, Deng Tear, Malik Barnett, Nobacel Pierre Villalobos, Dezmin Lane & Johnny Hernandez

Filmed by:
Frank Branca
Additional filming by:
No info
Edited by:
Frank Branca

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