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Dew Tour 2015: Los Angeles, CA – Street Practice

Author: Transworld Skateboarding | Source: YouTube.com

On Friday and Saturday, the pros warmed up on the Skateboard Street course before the main event. If you missed it, DewTour.com has your replays.

Worth seeing:
Dew Tour 2015: Los Angeles, CA – Skateboard Vert (Highlights)
Dew Tour 2015: Chicago, IL – Skateboard Streetstyle (Highlights)

Sean Malto, Louie Lopez, Kelvin Hoefler, Nick Tucker, Manny Santiago, Cody McEntire, Shane O’Neill, Felipe Gustavo, Chris Joslin, Paul Rodriguez, Alec Majerus, Tommy Fynn, Trevor Colden & Tom Asta
Bass Drum Of Death – High School Roaches

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