Double Tapped: June 03, 2016

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So much good skating gets posted everyday on Insta. Some clips are so insanely good that a few years ago, they could’ve been legitimate video part enders. But the nature of Instagram is to be of the moment—to be instant. As a result, these clips get forever lost in the black hole of Insta’s infinite scroll. “Liked” once and forgotten. Double Tapped is our way of slowing down the ever-growing feed to reflect. These are the clips that stood the test of time over the past 7 days and deserve a rewatch.

Forrest Edwards, Stas Nikitin, Max Geronzi, KJ Dillard, Fran Martinez, Mason Silva, Tiago Lopes, Joe Hall, Josh Manoles, Jason Shelton, Sondre Mortensen, Chewy Cannon, Jake Collins, Kelly Hart, Jet Lee Badr, James Grindley

Kodak Black – Hollyhood

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