Legacy: Building Skateboarding’s Original Dream Team (Episode 2)

In the previous episode we had Mike’s tragic death in car accident and the Plan B reorganizations by team members like Danny Way and Colin McKay.

How the company started?

In episode two of, “Legacy. The History of Plan B Skateboarding”, we can learn how the company started from the ground up and how Mike Ternasky’s vision and mentoring of the team created a lasting impression on the skaters he worked with.

Check how Ternasky’s push for excellence transcended to all the skateboarders on the original team and lit a fire under them all to film the strongest video parts of their time and changed the face of skateboarding forever. With Danny, Rodney, Pat and Colin leading the charge Plan B was destined for success.

Mike Ternasky had a vision of this mega team. This the super team kind of like you know how the NBA dream team was back in ’92 for the Olympics. The best guys coming together with the best company and making it mind-blowing.– Paul Rodriguez

Modern era of Street Skateboarding

In the next episode you can watch as the video revolution launched the modern era of street skateboarding and how Pat Duffy broke onto the scene with one of the most important video parts in skateboarding’s history. Don’t miss it!


Steve Rocco, Paul Rodriguez, Danny Way, Paul Schmitt, Grant Brittain, Chris Miller, Collin McKay, Rodney Mullen, Chris Cole, Sean Sheffey & Pat Duffy


Taulaud – Covet The Coven
Heavy Young Heathens – And When The Sky Was Opened
Barrows – Wind In The Sails
The Growler – Cool Smart Things
Los Serfs – The Ocean Floor
Heavy Young Heathens – Power Is A Trick
Dream Brother – More Islands

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// Legacy.

These are, and always have been, the skaters changing the game and upping the ante with their riding, and “Legacy. The History of Plan B Skateboarding” tells their story from inception …

Legacy. The History of Plan B Skateboarding


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