Legacy: Plan B Skateboards’ Next Generation (Episode 5)

In the previous episode we had story about how the Plan B was resurrected and their the most influentialed videos.

In fifth episode the new Plan B captures the skate world’s attention by putting Ryan Sheckler and Paul Rodriguez on the team.

New Blood…

Check how two rising stars to turned heads with their skating in both the streets and in competitions more than eight years ago, and what made them the sought after keys to Plan B’s rebirth.

With P-Rod and Shecks now leading the way, Pat Duffy shares the insight of his 20 years of professional skating while keeping up with the next generations’ talent.

Pro skaters make their money off of shoe company, energy drink sponsors and bigger contests even now… but it’s like your board company that represents your personal identity in a way that none of the other stuff does.– Chris Miller

Plan B on the road in Seattle

In episode six of this series P-Rod, Ryan and rest of teammates the Plan B will hit the road for the first two stops on the Zumiez Couch Tour.


Chris Miller, Grant Brittain, Danny Way, Colin McKay, Dave Swift, Ryan Sheckler, Pat Duffy & Paul Rodriguez


Tha Twitchaz – Break Ya Legs
Bodie – Swamp Ting
Color Color – Beat Mass Remix
Barrows – Lost In The Woods
Heavy Young Heathens – Long Distance Call
Base9 – BBP
Dream Brother – Islands

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// Legacy.

These are, and always have been, the skaters changing the game and upping the ante with their riding, and “Legacy. The History of Plan B Skateboarding” tells their story from inception …

Legacy. The History of Plan B Skateboarding


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