Life of Ryan: “Skate in Heavenly Peace” (Season 2, Episode 8)

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Ryan decides to throw a holiday party and Gretchen wants to do it at the house. Unfortunately, hosting it at Gretchen’s means Ryan’s dad can’t come and Ryan has no idea how he’ll give his father the crushing news. Having heard that the divorce court case has finally been settled, Ryan renews his search for a home of his own.

Ryan Sheckler, Gretchen Sheckler, Shane Sheckler, Kane Sheckler, Randy Sheckler, Casey Feitler, Taylor, Tony Panici, Kayla

Switchfoot – Oh! Gravity

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Filmed by:
Brian Dee & Luke Grossaint
Additional filming by:
Edited by:
Chris Smith, Zachary Isenberg, John Christensen & Ben Simoff

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