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Life on Video: Guy Mariano (Part 4/5)

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This entire week is dedicated to one of the greatest living legends on the planet and his monumental body of work. Since Guy started skating close to 30 years ago in Burbank, California in the 1980s, he’s managed to push the boundaries of street skating more than just about anyone. Before most of you were even born, he was already revolutionizing what was considered possible on a little piece of wood with 4 wheels and no nose. His drive and passion for skateboarding are truly on another level, and from appearing in the first-ever legitimate street part filmed in Los Angeles for Powell-Peralta’s “Ban This” to his new footage that will premiere on The Berrics on 12.13.14, he’s responsible for arguably the most innovative and progressive video parts ever filmed. Without further ado, we’re very proud to present to you… Guy Mariano: LIFE ON VIDEO Part 4. Time to get inspired.

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Guy Mariano, TY Evans, Rudy Johnson, Tony Ferguson, Jesus Fernandez, Scott Johnson, Gino Iannucci, Brandon Biebel, Marc Johnson, Mike Mo Capaldi, Eric Koston, Justin Eldridge & Chris Roberts
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