SVMag Team
SVMag Team: Patryk, Madzia, Patryk and Michał

Skate Video Magazine was established in January 2012 as a small platform with one simple goal in mind: help with promoting skateboarding videos. For next years we worked really hard and faithfully to make this website bigger and better.

Now Skate Video Magazine is an officially registered online magazine with skateboarding videos from all over the world. You can find videos from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia even several videos from Africa! We work with skateboarders, filmmakers and video producers from many countries and we trying to make possible to provide an easily searchable database of the greatest skateboarding videos. Our love to skateboarding and skate videos brought us here and nothing is gonna stop us!

We’re currently developing exist sections and we’ve been working really hard to make this magazine grow and improve as we can. We’re adding skate videos every day and will try to cover all the aspects of skateboarding videos you can think of. Now our main goal is to create the best and most complete skate videos library.

If you have any inquiries about skate videos, reviews or maybe you have some suggestions, skate news, interesting videos or ideas for a new sections just let us know! Fill out a contact form or just send us a message directly on Contact@SkateVideoMagazine.com. Enjoy your life. Skate for LIFE!

– SVMag Team

Michał Sadownik
– Editor-in-Chief –

Hi guys!

My name is Michał Sadownik and I’m a founder and the owner of Skate Video Magazine.

Since I started skateboarding (in 2001) I have always loved watching skate videos – full length, short clips, demos – it doesn’t matter. I could watch the same skate video several times a day and never get bored. In those days it was really hard to get the latest skate videos. Especially for a kids with poor equipment and no money. So if someone had a skate video we were watching it over and over again…

Nowadays it’s a lot easier. We can find dozens new skate clips on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo every single day. Each skate video highly motivate skateboarders to develop, think creatively and expand their skateboarding skills for a new level. SV’s are very important part of skate lives. Without them skateboarding would not be on as high level as we can watch today.

Yes. It is my love to skateboarding and skate videos that inspired me to create this magazine. At the moment we have over 15,000 greatest skateboarding videos from all over the world in over 550 categories and still growing.

I proudly present SkateVideoMagazine.com. Magazine created by skateboarders for skateboarders.

– Michał Sadownik