Other Event: Vans Clash of the Crews 2017

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Skateshops from as far as Baltimore and Chicago head to Tampa with their best team riders to do work at the annual Vans Clash of the Crews contest. The weekend was a hit, with skate races, waffle eating, handrail tricks, and slams galore.

Brian Schaefer, Paul Zitzer, Rene Perez, Alex Johnson, Derick Glancy, Brandon Starr, Pedro Delfino, James Cobb, Jake Yanko, Lago Carrasco, Tyler Ellul, Niko Howard, Sean Powderly, Tyler Thomas, Gary Smith, Eric Testerman, Ashton Dohany, Coco Torres, Carlos Leon, Jake Yanko, Adam Tyler, Megan Guy, Justin Hearn, D’Andre Pendergrass, Braden Stelma, Joe Tocco, Gaspar Ramirez, Tyson Zane, Tyler Kirshenbaum, Malique Simpson, Marcos Montoya, Kevin Timmons, Andrew Daigle, London Davis, Ariel Alvarado, Chad Poore, Willie Wilson, Chris Blake, John Stowe, Haze Miller, Jordi Zapata, Yonis Molina, Cory Fostor, Uncle Sam Bellipanni, Marse Farmer, Markus Jalaber, Fabiana Delfino, Josh Douglous, Jamie Foy

Wild Wing – Tits
Drinking Flowers – Your Head Is Reeling

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Frank Branca
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Frank Branca

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