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Raw Files: Christoph “Willow” Wildgrube “Where We Come From”

Author: Red Bull | Source: YouTube.com

Christoph Wildgrube – better known as Willow – is not only one of the funniest human beings to hang around with, but also Germany’s biggest export on the international skate scene.

When Lucas Fiederling (Director: Where We Come From) called Willow to ask if he was down to film for another independent video, the answer was a no-brainer, even though Luc himself didn’t know how it would unfold.

Willow is all about skating, so he doesn’t care about whether it’s sunny or cold and grey outside. He just puts on extra layers and keeps doing what he does best: throwing down hammers on German soil, like a king.

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Christoph “Willow” Wildgrube
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