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Raw Files: Marty Murawski “Where We Come From”

Author: Red Bull | Source: YouTube.com

Arizona native Marty Murawski is the American wildcard in “Where We Come From.” One of the better examples of the checkered practice of Americans riding for European board companies, Murawski first made waves outside the United States as part of British imprint Blueprint’s expansion program, which culmintated in his part in their last video “Make Friends With The Colour Blue.”

Although Arizona is more associated with ditches and rails in the world of skateboarding, Murawski’s game is all about finesse and board control, making the magic happen even on the crustier spots – doubtless part of what appealed to a British brand about him in the first instance. Check out some of his best raw footage above, and some solid stills below.

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Marty Murawski
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