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Rob & Big: “Harry The Healer” (Season 3, Episode 8)

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Big Black indulges Rob by following him to a “street shaman” who is promoting a new age therapy called “Sacred Geometry.” Convinced of the therapy’s benefits, Rob sets out to balance his chaotic life, improve his skating and win the California State Lottery.

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Rob Dyrdek, Christopher “Big Black” Boykin, Steve Berra and more…
Sloan – Something’s Wrong
Cut Chemist – Addictive
Pritvijaj Lokesh – Raj Raga
Psyche Orgiami – The Quantum Mechanics
Freshro – Spiritual Blues
Ted Heath – Entry of The Gladiators

Filmed by:
Paul Landin, Patrick Metcalfe, Heath Brinkley, Cody Green, Andy Minsloff and more…
Additional filming by:
Damian Acevedo, Ryan Eng, Joe Guidry, Mike Kesler and more…
Edited by:
ichie Edelson, Mary DeChambres, Tony Fisher, Chris King, Scott Simmosns, Dave Wadsworth & Michael Montuya

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