Rob & BigSeason 3

Rob & Big: “Meaty Goes to Hollywood” (Season 3, Episode 4)

Rob and Big Black try to land themselves on the cover of a cereal box, but discover that the world of print modeling is not as easy to crack as theyhad hoped. Switching gears, they focus their efforts on Meaty, who has almost instant success as a doggie model. Refusing to give up on their own dream, the guys come up with a creative way to be box cover models.

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Rob Dyrdek, Christopher “Big Black” Boykin, Christopher “Drama” Pfaff, April Baker, Ann Zarkowski, Joey Herrick, Dick Van Patten and more…
Zack Tempest – Metal Road
Valis – World of Decay
Trump – Actin Bad
Kev Blaze – Watch How I Do This

Filmed by:
Paul Landin, Patrick Metcalfe, Heath Brinkley, Cody Green, Andy Minsloff and more…
Additional filming by:
Damian Acevedo, Ryan Eng, Joe Guidry, Mike Kesler and more…
Edited by:
Richie Edelson, Mary DeChambres, Tony Fisher, Chris King, Scott Simmosns, Dave Wadsworth & Michael Montuya

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