Rob & Big: “Meaty’s Birthday” (Season 3, Episode 11)

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Meaty is fourteen (in dog years) and Rob wants to throw him a “Super Sweet Fourteen” party. Big Black has his reservations about an elaborate celebration for a pet, but indulges Rob. The two guys also have “going green” on their minds. Big Black wants to convert the Pinto to burn fast food grease, and Rob decides that throwing Drama on a stationary bike is the perfect way to power his plasma TV.

Rob Dyrdek, Christopher “Big Black” Boykin, Drama, Julie, Kane and more…

Silver Screen Symphony – The Courtship of Eddie’s Father (Theme)

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Filmed by:
Paul Landin, Patrick Metcalfe, Heath Brinkley, Cody Green, Andy Minsloff and more…
Additional filming by:
Damian Acevedo, Ryan Eng, Joe Guidry, Mike Kesler and more…
Edited by:
Richie Edelson, Mary DeChambres, Tony Fisher, Chris King, Scott Simmosns, Dave Wadsworth & Michael Montuya

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