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Marketing hype and lots of advertising does not make bearings faster, durable, or increase performance. Believe it or not, the best products are not always from top brands.

This video is about why Rat Vision chooses Oust Bearings above all other brands. We chose Oust for many reasons, but to know why you must watch our other videos about ABEC, Swiss, and Ceramic bearings you’ll discover what ABEC means, how tolerances are important, how “Swiss” is meaningless, and how ceramic is not good for skateboards.

We also discuss how bearing loads effect performance in our video about Bearing Spacers. Axial Loads are forces applied from the side, or parallel to the axis of the bearing shaft and axis of rotation. In other simpler words, along the truck axle. Torsional Loads are forces applied from angles that cause a twisting motion, which are against the axis of rotation. These forces come from any direction other than along the axis of rotation, or radially, which is perpendicular to the axis of rotation (axle).

Knowing how loads effect bearings, it educates us about how bearings will function while skating. Just because a brands a lot of money on advertising and sponsoring (paying) big name pro skaters, it does not mean that their products are the best. What they may be the best at is branding, and not supplying the best products.

Branding is the ability to place a business, product, or service in the forefront of a consumer’s mind. When a brand name is at the top of your mind, you are more likely to make purchases from that brand.

Mercedes Benz is a very popular luxury car brand that is sold all over the world. However, Mercedes ranked #21 by Consumer Reports for 2015. This is a great example of how a popular brand can be perceived as being a top quality brand, when in reality it is not even close to the top.

Marketing hype, advertising, and branding have zero effect on how a product performs. What is printed in advertisements, or written on packaging, or said among friends, pros, and shop employees has NO effect on bearing speed, durability, and performance.

Slalom skating is most likely the genre of skateboarding that demands the most bearing performance. To skaters outside of Slalom skating it may seem simple, or even stupid, to go down a hill a weave in and out of cones. How can slalom be the most demanding for bearing performance?

Simple. Slalom skaters need speed to reach the finish line first. Certain factors must apply to achieve high speeds. While skating in and out of cones the rider is constantly turning. Each turn applies axial and torsional loads that basically want the balls to roll out of the bearing raceways. During these loads high friction can occur that slow the bearings down and decrease the skaters overall speed. In other words, the skater is constantly accelerating, slowing down, accelerating, slowing down, over and over. To maintain high speed, by reducing friction, higher than standard materials must be used, tolerances must be adjusted, and load handling must be a factor.

Oust Bearings is the ONLY brand to actually maintain high speed, reduce friction, have tighter tolerances, better materials, and reduce axial and torsional loads. Sure, Oust Bearings are not the top brand, sponsor the most popular pros, or have tons of advertisements. BUT none of those things matter when you’re skating. Ads, popularity, branding, ABEC, Swiss, ceramic, skate ratings, 1 shield (or no shields), or popular pros have NOTHING to do with how well a product works.

If you think Bones bearing are better than all others because they are “skate rated”, have you ever thought abut what skate rated actually means? Why is there no “rating” on Bones Bearings? It’s probably because there is no Skate Rated thing does not exist!


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