Skateline: Ben Nordberg, Nyjah Huston vs Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill and more…

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Torey Pudwill’s arms, Lizard Kings Firing Line, Ben Nordberg’s steez, Sheckler vs Nyjah, Rob Dyrdek’s millions,Daewon and skating rocks, its all here and more in Metro’s new series SKATELINE NBD!!! Stay tuned for bi weekly installments with Hayward CA’s own Gary Rogers covering everything thats new and current in the skateboard world. If you’ve been following our channel for a while, you might recognize Gary as the voice of our How To Do What!?! series, it was high time his brand of humor got a platform of its own, hope you enjoy this first installment of Skateline! As its new for us, your feedback always determines whether we keep rolling with a segment or try something new, please give us a thumbs up if you like it, down if you dont, Favorite it if you love it and leave a comment if you have time to get more specific with any critiques.

Gary Rogers and more…

Garrick O’Connor – Skateline (Theme)

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Joel Jutagir & Joseph Anton Carter

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