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Skaters in Cars: Chris Russell

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In the latest episode of “Skaters In Cars,” host Chris Nieratko picks up Creature pro Chris Russell to visit the Vans Park Series bowl under construction in Huntington Beach and revisit The Block in Orange.

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Chris Nieratko, Chris Russell, Alex Sorgente, Pedro Barros, Tom Schaar, Jeff Grosso, Omar Hassan, Josh Borden, Christian Hosoi, Steve Alba, Pat Ngoho, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Eric Nash & Chris Miller
Arctic – Daewon
Arctic – Burnt Ice
Travesura – Dark Carnival
Thorne – Pinnin’ It
Throne – Never Say Never

Filmed by:
Josh Peacock & Ricki Bedenbauch
Additional filming by:
“Rhino”, Tylre Wilcox and more…
Edited by:
Chris Nieratko & Aaron Nardi

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