Skaters in Cars

Skaters in Cars: Mike Vallely

In the latest episode of “Skaters In Cars,” host Chris Nieratko travels to Lakewood, California to visit skateboarding legend Mike Vallely in Street Plant Brand’s own ‘Garageland.’

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Chris Nieratko, Mike Vallely, Javier Nunez, Quim Cardona, Keith Hufnagel, Peter Bici, Lamont Macintosh, Bobby Puleo, Guy Mariano, Chico Brenes & Eric Koston
Travesura – Dark Carnival
Arctic – Over Smoked
Arctic – High
Arctic – Daewon
Arctic – Cryptic Black Sun
Thorne – Chewing On It
Thorne – Never Say Never
Thorne – Pinnin’ It

Filmed by:
Roger Bagley & Jarrod Wendler
Additional filming by:
R.B. Umali, Kirk Dianda, Patrick Nagy, Tony Roberts, Ty Evans, Spike Jonze, Stacy Peralta, Giovanni Reda, Glenn Milligan, Tod Swank, Mark Nisbet, Ted Newsome & “O”
Edited by:
Chris Nieratko & Aaron Nardi

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