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Street Skateboarding: KEITRE Skateboards “KEEP IT UP”

We are proud to present the latest promo video from our partner – KEITRE Skateboards. This month guys from Slovenia celebrating KEITRE’s fifth year and they are out with this team video presentation. Filmed in a few months during their tours in Barcelona and Croatia. Enjoy!

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Fabio Rabotti, Patrik Prhat, Alex Borgatti, Nino Fanuko, Zvonimir Kulusic, Ante Kulusic, Domagoj Gudac, Will Odiete, Marino Mazarekic & Bruno Vranic
Of Empires – Suzie
Of Empires – Waist Up in Gold
The Bar-Kays – I Want Someone

Filmed by:
Raul Zgomba, Cristian Cappello, Zvonimir Kulusic, Ante Kulusic, Tomislav Vranic, Juraj Prkacin, Adam Mikulcic, Will Odiete, Bruno Vranic, Fabio Rabotti, Mariano Mazarekic & Domagoj Gudac
Additional filming by:
– – –
Edited by:
Bruno Vranic

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