Tampa Pro 2017: Qualifiers – Lizard King, Blake Johnson, Cory Kennedy

Author: RIDE Channel | Source: YouTube.com

Tampa Pro 2017 Qualifiers – 73 of the best professional skateboarders from all over the world try their luck at the legendary Skatepark of Tampa in the Tampa Pro Qualifiers, with everyone trying to make the 30 cut. Here’s the best of it.

Brian Schaefer, Nyjah Huston, David Loy, Luan Oliveira, Karsten Kleppan, Tom Asta, Lizard King, Dave Bachinsky, Jordan Maxham, Jake Donnelly, Ishod Wair, Blake Johnson, Wes Kremer, Paul Zitzer, Chris Cole, Cody Lockwood, Kevin Romar, Matt Berger, Kelvin Hoefler, Evan Smith, Donny Barley, TJ Rogers, Manny Santiago, Lehi Leite, Louie Lopez, Tiago Lemos, Cory Kennedy, Sean Malto, Chris Joslin, Kevin Bradley, Tommy Fynn, Andrew Cannon

Big Mess – Maryanne

Filmed by:
Frank Branca & Daniel Frank
Additional filming by:
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Edited by:
Frank Branca & Daniel Frank

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