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Tampa Pro 2019: Qualifiers

Yeah there were 80 skaters trying to make the 30 cut to Semis, but the real story is that Tampa is an institution of stoke and THAT’s what keeps the legends coming back each year. And how about that Ishod run?!

Worth seeing:
Tampa Pro 2019: Semifinals & Finals
Tampa Pro 2019: Practice

Andrew Cannon, Kelly Hart, Trent McClung, Gustavo Ribeiro, Jake Johnson, Aaron Herrington, Chaz Ortiz, Manny Santiago, Chase Webb, Andy Anderson, Jake Donnelly, Yuri Facchini, Sebo Walker, TJ Rogers, Luan Oliveira, Franky Villani, Dan Mancina, David Loy, Antonio Durao, Paul Rodriguez, Boo Johnson, Karsten Kleppan, Tyson Peterson, Tyson Bowerbank, Shawn Hale, Eric Koston, Daisuke Ikeda, Kelvin Hoefler, Chris Joslin, Nick Tucker, Reven Tershy, Ryan Decenzo, Greg Lutzka & Ishod Wair
Modern Aquatic – Edgar Allan Poe Was A Hardcore Dancer

Filmed by:
Frank Branca & Alan Rosenquist
Additional filming by:
No info
Edited by:
Frank Branca & Alan Rosenquist

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