The Nine Club EXPERIENCE: Justin Eldridge (Episode 38)

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They discuss about favorite Nine Club moments of 2018, Sammy Baptista & Dave Chami Go Fund Me, the new Skater XL video game, Wade DesArmo’s “Grand Collection” Part, Making a Skate Video, WKND – The Tru Mon Show, Anton Myhrvold’s “Globe” Part, Fancy Lad’s “Trampoline Jump” Video, Antonio Durao “GROETY”, BS with TG : Jeremy Fish, Blake Carpenter lands on pigeon, RIDE THE TAO: etnies China Tour and much more!

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Chris Roberts, Roger Bagley, Kelly Hart, Steezus Christ & Justin Eldridge
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Filmed by:
Eric Longden
Additional filming by:
No info
Edited by:
Chris Roberts & Roger Bagley

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