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Skate Video Magazine is made up of an international team of talented skateboarders, filmmakers, and video producers, all dedicated to our mission. We enjoy our work and working with the various skillsets and personalities within the team. We’re working really hard to make this magazine grow and improve as we can. For YOU!

Michał Sadownik

Michał Sadownik

// Editor-in-Chief
Hi guys!
Follow your own dreams... Everyday!

My name is Michał Sadownik and I’m a founder and the owner of Skate Video Magazine. Magazine created by skateboarders for skateboarders.

Since I started skateboarding in 2001, I have always loved watching skate videos – full length, short clips, demos – it doesn’t matter. I could watch the same skate video several times a day and never get bored.

In those days it was really hard to get the latest skate videos. Especially for a kids with poor equipment and no money. So if someone had a skate video we were watching it over and over again…

Nowadays it’s a lot easier. We can find dozens new skate clips on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo every single day. Each skate video highly motivate skateboarders to develop, think creatively and expand their skateboarding skills for a new level. SV’s are very important part of skate lives. Without them skateboarding would not be on as high level as we can watch today.

My love to skateboarding and skate videos that inspired me to create this magazine. I proudly present I hope you enjoy. 😉

Patryk Boć

Patryk Boć

// Editor
Passion above everything

I am Patryk and I am very happy that I could join the Skate Video Magazine elite. Among other things, it’s me who is looking for videos, editing them and cataloging so that you can find the easiest way to find what you are looking for – inspiration and motivation for each day. Every day I search various websites to find the most interesting videos for you.

I put a lot of effort into making the site more and more valuable every day, so that it would have more and more great videos and the number of its fans would grow.

I am an artistic soul and photography is my additional hobby. After many unsuccessful attempts, I resigned from active skateboarding (I am not written to be a PRO) but the passion is strong and I’m always interested in everything that is connected with a skateboard and that’s why I’m here.

Passion above everything!

Nikola König

Nikola König

// Storekeeper
Hi everyone!

I’m Nikola and I’m glad I can work with guys from Skate Video Magazine.

I joined the team early 2018 and I take care of all your packages and make sure that they can reach your home safe and sound.

Normally I’m interested in tennis more than skateboarding but it didn’t stop me to join the crew. I like chilling with group of friends (skateboarders and filmmakers) on skateparks or spots and have fun.

I like watching how they working on new skate clip. How they do some tricks. It’s very interesting but it’s not for me. Definitely! It’s too much pain when they falling. :/

Anyway, do what you like to do and enjoy your life!

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At Skate Video Magazine, we are ambitious about what we can do and the impact we can make. It’s a hard-working and driven workplace; a fast-growing, dynamic environment ideal for anyone seeking to get ahead in their career, yet at the same time, satisfying that urge we all have to make a real impact in others people’s lives through our work.

Our strong growth means we are always looking for exceptional talented individuals to join our team. If you believe in skateboarding, skate videos as a power for good, we can give you the opportunity to use your skills in a way that really matters. Join the team. Contact us!