Tour: Vans Asia – Wish You Were Here! Hong Kong 2014

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Join the Vans China and Hong Kong skate team as they tour Hong Kong for the final stop of the Wish You Were Here Asia Tour. Notorious for having great spots, but tons of people as well, Hong Kong is a touch nut to crack as a skate mecca. Check the boys as the hit streets during the later/early hours to uncover HK’s hottest skate spots and daytime chill spots.

Worth seeing:
Tour: Vans Asia – Wish You Were Here! Seoul 2014

Chris Bradley, Piet Guilfoyle, Dan Sonsrichai, Wang Huifeng, Jay Meador & Zhang Ziyang
Faded Paper Figurines – Rewind
Offshore – Slip

Filmed by:
Tommy Zhao
Additional filming by:
Jay Meador
Edited by:
Tommy Zhao

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