Trickipedia: Best Of 2016

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We’ve said it so many times it’s almost become our mantra: “Trickipedia is not a trick tips section, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to learn.” But it’s true! We took that thing we all do when we want to learn a trick—replaying video over and over, looking at it from every angle—and just fine-tuned it with some sweet slo-mo so you can appreciate every little detail. Like a coach reviewing a game film, you will learn. And you’ll get better. We guarantee it. Here are our best teachable moments from 2016.

Walker Ryan, Sewa Kroetkov, TJ Rogers, Sascha Daley, Mason Silva, Micky Papa, Matt Berger, Tom Remillard, Ben Nordberg, Chris Haslam, Paul Rodriguez, Trent McClung, David Gonzalez, Neen Williams, Moose, Kevin Romar, Ronne Creager, Dave Bachinsky, Jordan Maxham, Cody Cepeda, Carlos Iqui, Jimmy Carlin, David Reyes, Matt Miller, Michael Sommer, Boo Johnson, Trevor Colden, Diego Najera, Alexis Ramirez, Manny Santiago, Tommy Fynn, Felipe Gustavo, Denny Pham, Carlos Ribeiro, Alex Midler, Dashawn Jordan, Kelvin Hoefler, Antonio Durao

Brian Wilson – Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight

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