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Viva La Bam: “Community Disservice” (Season 2, Episode 6)

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Bam challenges April to do five things that will benefit the community. From Bam’s list, April chooses reading stories to the elderly, giving Phil a haircut, and, with the help of Don Vito and Phil, picking up trash from public spaces. On the other hand, Bam opts to build a crude concrete half-pipe for the kids in front of a hardware store, uproot trees by running them over with his ATV and dump the trash that April, Phil and Don Vito collected into Don Vito’s house.

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Bam Margera, Phil Margera, April Margera, Don Vito, Ryan Dunn, Raab Himself, Brandon DiCamillo, Rake Yohn and more…
Daniel Lioneye – The King of Rock’n’roll
Arch Enemy – Leader of The Rats
Sleep Station – Fallen
Turbonegro – Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed
Moonspell – Everything Invaded
Gameface – This Old House

Filmed by:
Roger Bagley & Wilson Thomas
Additional filming by:
– – –
Edited by:
Roger Hinze, Marcelo Sansevieri, Sean McGinty, Rick Kent & John Valerio

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