Season 1Viva La Bam

Viva La Bam: “Viva Las Vegas” (Season 1, Episode 4)

It’s two days before Phil and April’s wedding anniversary. Bam wants to do something special for them, so he decides to take them and the rest of the crew to Las Vegas. When you’ve got Russian mail-order brides, Elvis impersonators. Don Vito’s blue dye-job and one wicked hotel-room food fight, all you can say is Viva La Bam!!

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Bam Margera, Phil Margera, April Margera, Don Vito, Ryan Dunn, Raab Himself, Brandon DiCamillo, Rake Yohn and more…
Daniel Lioneye – The King of Rock’n’roll
M. Ward – Carolina
Desert Sessions – Like A Drug
Him – Rendezvous With Anus
Zero Zero – Pink and Green
Elefant – Make Up
Mock Orange – Goodnight Reddick
Dwarves – Accelorator
Daniel Lioneye – Lonely Road
From Ashes Rise – The Mandate
The Ribeye Brothers – Drinkin’ and Stinkin’
Thuunderball – Vibrations

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Additional filming by:
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Edited by:
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