Weekend Buzz: Steven Fernandez & Aramis Hudson “G-Pens, Cavi Club & More!” (Episode 102, Part 2)

Author: RIDE Channel | Source: YouTube.com

This week, on Weekend Buzz part 2 of 2, Baby Scumbag (Steven Fernandez) & Aramis Hudson tell us about masturbation, wanting to be a porn star, Lee’s dead penis, creep shirts, the Cavi Club, crying female fans, the OTHER way to smoke a G-Pen, puberty, and more!

Rob Brink, Lee Dupont, Steven Fernandez, Aramis Hudson

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Worth seeing:
Weekend Buzz: Steven Fernandez & Aramis Hudson “Baby Scumbag, Honey & Girls!” (Episode 102, Part 1)

Filmed by:
Jared Prindle & Cameron Sanchez
Additional filming by:
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Edited by:
Cameron Sanchez

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