What Are We Afraid Of?

What is our Biggest Fear? Failure? Pain? Death? No!

What is our biggest fear? Failure? Pain? Death? No!

Our biggest fear is accomplishing our dream. Our biggest fear is achieving our goals. Being the hero that our Being is all about. We are afraid of our power dormant in us.

Maybe we have felt it before. Maybe we had thoughts about it just for a second but then found it scary or ridiculous and decided to close our eyes once again and sleep. The truth can be disturbing at first and it is easier to feel powerless than mighty. It is easier to lie yourself than to be truly honest with yourself. It is easier to be weak than to be strong.

Do you believe in fate? Or do you believe in many endings?

Which just defer depending on which door we choose to walk through and which decisions we take. The truth is that everything we are the world is also. Everthing that we are not the world is not. Our mind dictates what we see or how we see it. Our mind can slow time down or can speed it up depending on how much we want it.

We are a creator and our resistance or ignorance of this fact is what causes our suffering and pain in our life. We can create our own heaven on earth through our mind. But if we refuse to do so we are like the lion who thinks he is one of the sheep.

We are powerful, we are greatness, we are fearless. We are everything we wish to be. But we have to choose to be so we have to decide who we are going to be every minute, every second of our life. For fear is only in our mind. We choose fear so we can close our eyes and keep on sleeping like a deep winter that falleth over the lands.

Being in the now of eternity is an intimidating and scary thought which can humble any man. But if we look at it again we will realise that we are something magnificent, something great.

Cause every thought every movement of ours is a part of this whole theatre of life. Part of this never ending story.

Our mind is more powerful than all the computers in the world put together. Our thoughts, feeling and dreams are our tools for creating in the first place. Everything that exists in this world today is the product of man’s thoughts feelings and dreams of his desires, of his decisions. Through his feeling, through his ideas, and through his imagination. We can imagine our own life in. We imagine the good, the bad, and the ugly. We can feel pleasure, we can feel pain but in the end… it is all us.

So what are we afraid of?

We must learn to control our ideas and thoughts. How we breathe them into existence by mere thinking a beautiful mind it is. We must let the beauty become alive not withhold it through feat ignorance or hate. For we can create darkness but also light. And light is so much more powerful than darkness. Good is so much better than evil.

We are good, light, and brave. We are the dreamer living the eternal dream. Nothing can stop us.. but us. Nothing can save us.. but us.

So stop searching outside of ourself because all the answers we need are allready within.

Never loose our inner child for it is the way you were ment to be. A child doesn’t know greed. A child doesn’t know fear. A child doesn’t know hate. It is taught these things but is never born with them.

So never forget we are always the idea about ourself which we keep in our mind.

Feel like a champion, and become a champion. Feel successfull, and become successfull!

We are such a beautiful being but we are ashamed of our own beauty. Our heart can be filled with only joy and happiness, if we let it. And as soon as we start ignoring fear and pain and stop paying attention to it. It willcease to exist. As soon as we concentrate and focus on that version of ourself that we want to be.

We will think it into existence bit by bit, thought by thought, moment by moment. Like a snowball rolling down the mountain we will start tiny… but will become bigger, stronger and mightier. So that nothing can hold us back and that is our true self. No one can take that away from us. So what are we afraid of? What is our biggest fear?

Challenge it. Don’t give up!

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